Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dark roads and bright faces


Hello Family and Friends,

The other night we were out to meet a member from our ward, so we started to drive. The drive led us out through the beautiful country, it was dark and there were a couple of lamp posts that lit the way. We finally made it to our destination on a dim road with a couple of houses. We parked and got out trying to find our way through the dark. We couldn't find the house number, so we went to inquire a neighbor to help us out. We knocked, no answer. Across the way we saw a mom send her daughter off, so we quickly crossed the street and went to ask her for some help. We started talking and had a delightful conversation, her husband came out and started to talk with us too. Half way through our conversation his phone began  to receive multiple phone calls from the neighbors. All the neighbors were wondering who owned the "mystery" car on the street. We felt bad for disrupting the row of houses, but thankfully we were in good hands. The couple we talked to were so lovely and they were able to help us out. They invited us in, the husband let me play his electric violin. After, we said a prayer with them and went on our way to spread the word. 
There are so many good people in the world. I encounter them everyday. I love the support we have from members too! The wards and branches that I have been in, the members are more than willing to feed us, come out and teach with us, drive us around, and many more acts of service. I love the constant support from everyone. 

Though we are not perfect and we have our flaws that fact is we just have to try our best! 


I love serving the Lord. This is His vineyard and the work that is being accomplished is all done because of Him. 


Sister Cook

Have a wonderful week!

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