Thursday, December 22, 2016



Hello Family and Friends!

The other day we drove up to the sweetest ladies house to leave her some sticky notes on her door because it was her birthday. We pulled up and quickly started to write out some cute birthday notes. We looked up and saw that her dog was outside and we saw her on her porch. She disappeared. We thought that maybe she didn't see us. So before she could come back out for her dog we bolted up her steps ready to post the notes and dash real fast! Right as we were inches away from the door she swings open the door with a tray in her hand.
She greets us with a big smile and says, "You are just in time!" 
Startled by what was going on. We notice three cups of hot coco, 3 plates, 
2 candy bags, and 2 ice cream bars on the little table outside her house. She walks to the table with the tray in her hands that held a small birthday bunt cake, decorated with candles. 
We were stumbling over our words, trying to explain to her why we were there. We were afraid that we interrupted her little party. 
She smiled even bigger, "I am expecting you! I prayed and asked God to send someone to celebrate my birthday with me. I figured if no one came then God would have something better in store, but I looked out my window and I saw you girls!"
We couldn't stop laughing about the whole thing. It was so great. 
She is a woman of excellent faith. 

Picture 1: This is us before we ran up the stairs thinking maybe she didn't see us. 
Picture 2: What we walked in to!

I love you all so much!

Keep smiling!

Sister Cook

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