Thursday, December 22, 2016

laboring in the vineyard


Hello Family and Friends!

In Jacob 5 we read about the vineyard and how the Lord and the servant go about laboring in it. For most of my mission I feel like I have been in the vineyard planting a lot of seeds, watering, and pulling a lot of weeds. Recently, in my final stages of missionary work, I feel like I am in a garden that is in full bloom! I have reflected on my past 18 months I have realized that I have LOVED every stage of the work. It has been REALLY HARD but it has been WORTH IT! To only think that this is not the end, the journey continues! 
Even when you are facing a hard minute, hour, day, week, month, year(s). Push forward having faith and a  steadfastness in Jesus Christ. I can promise that you will overcome any challenge through him and you will be rejoicing at the end with happiness! It is the greatest feeling. Oh, how I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


I have been slacking on who I have been serving around.
Here are some pictures of previous and present district/ zones.
The last picture is Sister Gessell from the MTC, we saw each other at MLC. 


Sister Cook

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