Tuesday, July 28, 2015

1 month!

Update: 1 month! WHAT? That is right, everyone, it has been one month (and a couple days) that I have been a full time missionary. Wow. They say that days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days. That statement has never been so true to me until now. I keep thinking I flew into Ohio last week. Hopefully you have all  been enjoying your summer break! 
Food: Well I was supposed to have an appointment this last week with one of my favorite investigators and he promised that he was going to make us frog legs! My companion was all over that idea. She loves them! I just smiled real big and thought to myself, "I am not a picky eater, I am not a picky eater, I am not a picky eater." I think I laughed a lot and smiled while he told us about this meal. Unfortunately, the meal got canceled (darn) so he said he would try for another night. I guess that gives my stomach a couple of more days to get ready....So look forward to that future story. 
Also, the heat here has been pretty hot! Even when it rains it is very warm/hot. Sister Witherspoon and I the other day went in to the gas station and got some UDF ice cream and as we left to go to our next appointment the ice cream melted in seconds! I only got one good solid bite and then the rest was warm melted milk. HA. I was desperate so I just chugged it. I didn't imagine Ohio could get this hot!
I love the opportunity that we have to grow and learn. It is so wonderful to always have the opportunity to progress and get better at something. With challenge comes growth. It's easier said than done. As we set goals and try to reach and obtain them it takes faith and hope that we will persevere and eventually conquer it. A scripture that has helped me this week is in the Book of Mormon: Alma 58:10-11 (Go read it!) As we strive to become better and strengthen our weaknesses, it is through prayer to Heavenly Father that He can give us that peace. As we continue to have faith in Him we can have hope that He will deliver us out of any circumstance or help us to grow stronger. Keep strong everyone! 
Heavenly Father Loves you!
I forgot my camera this week but I will post pictures next week! Also I love you all! I appreciate all the love and support. I hope everything is going well for all of you!
Sister Cook

Monday, July 20, 2015

For the Beauty of the Earth

My love, so far, for this beautiful state of Ohio,
1. THUNDER STORMS! GAH! I love the sound of thunder. One night I woke up to it and it sounded like it was cracking my apartment in half. This thunder just keeps rolling and rolling. I can't get enough of them.
2. Fire Flies! It is a personal firework show every night. The grass and tress begin to light up. It is so peaceful and so pretty.
3. I have been dying to see a mountain but I am now getting distracted by these rolling green hills of trees. Everything is so green and lush.
4. The sunsets and sunrises have blood red suns! AA! So awesome.
5. The people! The people out here are amazing. They are so sweet, loving and understanding.
When I was in the MTC the hymn "For the Beauty of the Earth" popped in my mind. I never really knew it but I began to sing it a lot. Then I came out to Ohio and I was like, "WHOA! For the Beauty of the Earth!" God is truly amazing. This Earth is BEAUTIFUL!
Unfortunatley, I can't capture the beauty of Ohio on my camera.
Pic 2: Eating the famous Ohio Skyline Chili with Sister Christensen (It has either chocolate or cinamon in it..)
Pic 3: Eating the famous Graters Icecream with Sister Witherspoon
LOVE YOU ALL! God loves you!
Sister Cook

Monday, July 13, 2015

Update: I made it to the beatiful state of Ohio! No mountains. Just rolling green hills. It is gorgeous here! I have two new companions Sister Christensen and Sister Witherspoon. Sister Christensen is only with us for a short time because she leaves to Salt Lake City West to serve the rest of her mission. Anyone in Magna, Tooele area look out for her! She is a firecracker. Sister Witherspoon and I are new to the area so the way we get people to remember our names is by saying, "she COOKs WITHERSPOON". Oh ya we are so clever. It is fun! I love these sisters. They are good to me.
Food: Alright my native Utahns. I don't know about you but when someone says shrimp I picture a small pink tail with sometimes a small hard shell at the tip. My second night in Ohio a family feed us traditional Chinesse food. IT WAS DELICIOUS. (Nothing like Panda Express...Mark you would appreciate this.) Well one of the dishes had shrimp in it. The dad told us, "Alright this is going to get messy and you have permission to spit out your food. I will first demonstrate how to eat shrimp." He then proceeds to pick up a huge piece of shimp. It was all shell, long legs, and head with its beady little eyes. He first ripped off the head and set it to the side (used to eat later), second he placed the shrimp with the legs in his mouth and bit off all the legs (this is were we got the permission to spit the legs out onto the plate.) Third, he took off the remaining shell and then popped it into his mouth. My mouth of course was jaw dropped. I then looked to the older gentleman to my left and he was just smiling and stuffing the whole shelled shrimp into his mouth and told me, "more nutritious." So I had the option of  deshelling the shrimp or just crunching through it. Yes, I deshelled it. Yes, I spit out the legs onto the plate. Yes, I loved it.
Environment: The most interesting place we taught someone a lesson was in a workout room. These Ohio rains come in and out quickly. We were in the park and the rains came in so we retreated to the only room open, the club house work out room. It was great! I learned the lesson that the spirit is the true teacher. Half the time I was yelling over the sound of the treadmill behind me. "GOD LOVES YOU" Haha. It was great.
Thought: It has only been a week but I recognize God's love for everyone. I think of my 6th grade kiddos and how much I loved each one for different reasons. I loved their different personalities and quirks. I am now walking around meeting so many different people. I feel like I have encountered people from different parts of the specturm. I LOVE THEM ALL. I love each one for different reasons. One I love for their intellectual insight. I love another because they are quiet, I love another because of the excitment they have and their dialogue, "ya dig it?" "Copy? Roger that, 10 4, over and out..." haha. Not everyone is friendly but I can see that God loves them and He has a plan for them. I might not get the opportunity to help them out but I know that, that is ok. This place is a melting pot of so many different and unique people. An adventure awaits. 
Love you all! 

Saturday, July 4, 2015


hey y'all!!!


disclaimer: the left shift key that my brain is trained to use without thinking is broken!!! so the inner teacher in me is getting really upset with all of this bad punctuation. i have so much to do in this hour that i don't have time to worry about capitalizing my words correctly. so forgive me. 

ok i didn't know that i was going to be able to get on the computer before i fly out on monday...but SURPRISE!! i get to. so this is a surprise to you and me. i have not much to say so i will just post one picture....because this computer is being so......i can't say right now. ask me in 18 months. 

i seriously love my district!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have only been with them for 11 days? anyways, they are my family. i am so sad to say good by to half of them. 

i am so excited to go to ohio!!!!!!!!!!! my heart is overwhelmed with love from everyone! i can't wait to bring others closer to Christ and witness the beauty of Gods plan. monday morning is the day! i have learned so much here. i am glad that i am here for only a short time...because i am anxious to get in the field! woooo!

i love you! God loves you! 

sister cook