Tuesday, September 29, 2015



WOW! This past week has been my last week of my training as a new missionary. As of today, I am no longer a "Greenie" as some people would like to call it. Sadly, we just got the call that Sister Witherspoon will be going to a new area! We will no longer be companions. She has been a marvelous trainer to me. I couldn't have asked for someone better. Tomorrow, I will be going to transfers and will be meeting my new companion that I will be training! I know that I will only be able to take this next step in my mission with the help from Heavenly Father. I have so many emotions running through me right now and I should be freaking out; however, I can't help but feel this overwhelming peace. I think I will just focus on that feeling of peace because it is a lot better. Yep, I like peace. 

Well I will have to make this a short letter again because of all the things that are happening with transfers and other things. 

I just want you all to know that Heavenly Father and the Savior loves each one of you! I know that because I can feel His love for all of His children as I go out each day and meet new people. My heart is throbbing because I feel so much charity for everyone. I wish I could be eloquent in my words and describe it, but go find out for yourself! I promise that as you pray, read the scriptures and attend church you will feel the love of God wrap around you. Oh this gospel is so good!  

Well I love you all!

Sister Cook

Picture 1: Okay, check this out. We were knocking on a door and right there was this Praymantice (I don't know how to spell it) anyways, it was the size of my hand! 

Picture 2: Then I looked up right above it and saw the craziest looking spider! I am telling you, Ohio is bug central. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I am short with time today so I will just send pictures! 
They are worth 1,000 words!
Love you all! 
God bless you all!
Picture 1: A family in my ward has a picture of their grandpa in a tree reading a Book of Mormon. Over time they have been collecting pictures from missionaries that serve in their ward to do the same thing. I finally found a tree that I could climb in a skirt!
Picture 2: Painting with my sisters!
Picture 3: A meeting with my district! We look so proper. This district is a lot smaller than the one that I had at the MTC, but they are so great to work with! 
Picture 4: Last night as we had dinner in a members home the son plays the violin so he had me play his violin while Sister Witherspoon played the piano. It was so fun!! It felt like good old times when I was back home. 
Sister Cook

The other night as I was sleeping I had a very loud dream. I was standing next to a fire truck that had its siren going off. Next to this fire truck I had people gathered around and I was teaching them about the gospel with my scriptures in hand. Then the dream started to melt away and the siren was still loud and piercing to my ears. I slowly peered through my eyes into my dark room and only heard the alarm. I closed my eyes and the firetruck reappeared in my head. I was so tired that I couldn't tell what was reality. I then re opened my eyes again and this time I was more coharent. I noticed that the alarm sound was not in my dream.
"Are you awake, Sister Cook?" Sister Witherspoon asked in a quick tone.
"Ya...."I grumbled
"Do you hear that alarm?" She asked. 
It finally hit me. I bolted out of bed and ran towards the front of the apartment to see where the sound was coming from. Outside our apartment door is a white mega phone that alarms the tenants in our hallway. We grabbed the cell phone and ran outside to see what was going on. No one was outside. It was 2:45 AM and everything seemed normal around us besides that blaring alarm! No one was awake!  We were so confused on why no one else was up and why the alarm was going off. Could they not hear it? We didn't know what the alarm was for. We called the maintaince and the staff but got no answer. We then called the cops to have them come check it out. When they got there they checked everything out and asked why everyone was still sleeping. They informed us if it was a real fire we would have been the only ones safe at that moment. I first felt silly standing out there but talking with the cops I know we did the right thing. They were nice and understanding. I think the alarm had a malfunction in it. They got it fixed for us and we were able to go to bed. It was crazy! The next day I had so much energy.
Later that day I was thinking a lot about that alarm and that situation we were in. As we were teaching a lesson to a guy, that we have been meeting with for the past 3 weeks, he told us that we could be no service to him. He doesn't want a relationship with God because he doesn't want to pray to know for himself. We lovingly but boldly told him about how there is a Heavenly Father that loves him and wants to hear from him. No matter what we taught he was set in his ways. I loved working with him and it broke my heart that he didn't have that desire to know for himself. I was thinking how we are preparing to meet God on this earth and we go around teaching people and to prepare them. We are sounding the alarm to all those that want to hear. Not everyone is waking up to the alarm though. Either because they don't hear it or because they don't think it is important to wake up to. 
I love the people out here. Everyone is so good and amazing!
I love you all SO MUCH!
I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true and can bring blessings to all that want to hear and learn for themselves. 
Have a spectacular Week!
Love Sister Cook

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It is raining SPIDERS! Above the door of our apartment we have so many different kinds of spiders. I would take a picture but it comes out blurry...but it is crazy! The other day we were walking out of the apartment and a big black blurry thing whacked me in the face. I swatted it away thinking it was  some type of flying bug...but no I looked on the ground and saw a HUGE brown spider....Yep I would have freaked out but I am now used to these creatures. I picked him up from his web and took him to a far away bush. My companion thought that I was crazy for not killing it. I learned from my mom that if it is not dangerous then it doesn't need to be killed (well I finally learned that lesson on my mission...I wasn't the best at that back home. You're welcome mom! I am finally following your teachings. Haha.) Now when we walk into the apartment we are always looking up to see which spider is closer to dropping on us. 
This past week has been another great week of learning! I have learned so much of our Savior's love. I love to do my scripture study in the morning because it gives me that extra strength to get through the day. I have been focusing a lot on Faith lately. I love the book of Ether because the brother of Jared is such a great example of that. Especially in chapter 12. Faith is so important to have because it gives us that hope to endure the day and to become better (and so much more that I will not expound on right now.) I didn't feel like my faith was strong the other day and so I was upset with everything. As I studied and prayed about it I was able to find answers in giving me that extra strength. I was able to apply Christ's atonement to make things better. I am so grateful for this gospel. I truly love serving a mission. I love being here and with the people. OH THE PEOPLE. I just love them. Apparently I am in a hard area...but I don't see it that way. I am just so grateful to be here. God has provided me the means to be here.
I love you all SO MUCH! Thank you again for all of your support and love! 
Have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Cook

Picture 1: For an activity with the Zone we drew the Plan of Salvation, Restoration, and Gospel of Jesus Christ on the sidewalk. We talked with people that walked by. IT WAS AWESOME! I am a visual learner so it is easier to teach with pictures! Loved this day.
Picture 2: Here is a picture of the sisters in my zone! (I don't have the picture of the whole zone yet...but they are all FANTASTIC!) I love this zone.

Picture 1:
With Sister Call and Sister Nicol for exchanges! I love these girls. It was an awesome day to say the least! 
Picture 2: We were walking a long the street and I came across this house...I just felt inspired to take a picture it front of it...I can't imagine why I felt so inclined. 
(I wish I could upload all photos to one email...but it only allows 2 at a time...sorry for the explosion of emails! Love you!)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I love the ward members out here. I have felt so welcomed and loved by them. They are always so willing to help out.
There is a lady in my ward and I like to consider as my grandma! I simply adore her! She is 89 years old and is always excited to come out and work with us when she gets the chance. She is dynamite! The other day she was with us at an appointment that we had with a nonmember and after we finished and got into the car I leaned back my head, closed my eyes, and expressed how tired I felt. Peeking my eyes open I saw her smiling from the front seat at me. 
"It's not quitting time, is it?" She said with a wink in her eye.
I laughed and sat up straight. Oh how right she was. It was definitely not quitting time! 
She also one time told Sister Witherspoon and I that "growing up was not for pansies!" I got a good laugh out of that. 
Ohio is great. I feel like I am home. 
God bless you all!
Love you all so much!
Sister Cook
1. My Sister Training Leaders: Sister Abrams and Sister Elmer!
2. Sister Elemer and I went on Exchanges! She is such a sweetie.