Monday, July 25, 2016

Turn left at the next red car

Hello Family and Friends!
I can't stop smiling right now! So many happy emails from you all! I love to hear and see the Lords blessings! It is so exciting to see the good changes that are happening EVERYWHERE!
Okay, I will try to focus my thoughts right now. I just need to breathe.
The other day Sister Nelson (my fantastic, amazing companion) and I were driving down the road to go visit some people around the area that we have been meeting with. We didn't have a set appointment so we were trying to figure out who Heavenly Father wanted us to visit first. 
"Sister Nelson, who should we go see first?"
She replied out of jest, "Turn immediately left after the first red car you see." 
I knew and she knew that none of the people we would be visiting would be on a road like that. However, a minute later in our driving I saw a parked red Mustang. So not knowing what was going to come from the suggestion, I took my next left. She started to laugh because I took her serious. I started to laugh because I realized the road we turned on. We didn't plan to visit this family that day but the road we were on has a family that the previous sisters were teaching. So we parked the car and went to go say Hello. 
I was in awe. The lady that answered the door was not in fact living there but apart of the family. We started to have a nice conversation about the gospel of Jesus Christ. She was very interested and asked us to come back.  

After this experience I reflected about the word faith. It is to believe with out seeing and then to act and do. To not stay stagnant. The only way that our faith in Jesus Christ can grow is by going and doing something that will help us strengthen it. (For example: praying, reading scriptures, going to church).  Following promptings from the Holy Ghost is another great way to increase our faith. I read from Preach My Gospel the other day in my studies how our faith can be weakened if we are discouraged. That is a word that I think we all feel often. Instead of getting stuck in a rut of discouragement we should all step forward with faith. To have faith that things will get better. I turned left because I wanted to exercise my faith. I had hope that God had a purpose for us on that rode. The only way we could find out is if we acted.
You probably won't be driving down the street and following the prompting to turn left at a red car to find your purpose and to increase your faith, but I invite you to go out and do something today that will increase your faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ. Go do something good!
I sure love you all!
Thank you so much for the love and the support.
-Hebrews 11
- Ether 2,3,6,12

Sister Cook

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