Monday, July 25, 2016

Laugh it off

Hello Family and Friends,

It has been another great week of growing pains! Yay for the hard days! There is no sarcasm in my comment. I wouldn't trade these hard days. It is important to dance and have fun in the storm. Sister Parker and I laugh a lot! Our day seems exhausting and stressful and then we just laugh. Hours go by with rejection and then by the end of the night a miracle happens. The moments that bring me joy are so much sweeter when a trial builds up to it. 
The other day we were with a guy we are teaching and it has been so neat to see the light of Christ within him grow brighter and brighter each time we teach him. He is doing things to allow Christ more into his life. His faith is so strong and he has been such a good example to us.
I have learned the importance of change, or as we call it repentance. As we repent daily we are turning more towards God and aligning ourselves with His will.

Scattered thoughts today, but I LOVE YOU ALL! GO MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE!
Pic. I love this fat cat
Pic 2. A picture can't give justice to the beauty of the open skies out here In Indiana
Pic. 3 YUMMY!

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