Monday, July 25, 2016

Oops, ran out of time!

Hello Family and Friends!
Well first things first. I just got the call today and I am staying here in the Columbia City Ward! I am so thrilled. I am continually learning from everyone around me. I am sad to say that Sister Parker will be leaving me, but tomorrow I will pick up my new companion and onward and upward we will continue forward with the work. 

I don't know how to wrap up this week. I want to tell a story but I don't know where to begin. Now I am running out of time. OOPS! I guess that is typical of me to overthink things and run out of time. Oh well! I will try next week to be better prepared.
Trials and miracles go hand in hand. I keep learning the importance of having Jesus Christ as my focus. He is the center of my life. Through him we can overcome anything because oh his infinite Atonement.
Pic. 1: We made it to the temple!
Pic 2: We get stopped by trains frequently

Sister Cook

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