Monday, July 25, 2016

Salty Cantaloupe

Hello my great Friends and Family!

All the hard times are worth it when the miracles come! This Sunday a guy that we are teaching and preparing for baptism came to church and brought his two little girls. By the end of church they came up to us to say goodbye and when they told us about how they liked church they couldn't stop smiling. The dad, who is very mellow and calm and one to not show a lot of emotion, cracked a big smile when he heard the reaction of his daughters. That interaction with them was worth everything we experienced from the week. They felt the Spirit and joy from coming to church. It was so neat!
For all those that know me, know that I am first not a picky eater because I am willing to try anything (even pickles and icecream. I love you Sister King!) Overall, I just like anything that is edible. However, there is one piece of fruit that I called "Satan's Fruit" before my mission because the taste was bitter, moldy and contaminated all other fruit in a mixed fruit bowl. Everyone always eats it as if it were tasty. I never could understand how people liked cantaloupe! It always boggled my mind. Out here on the mission I have said that I would eat anything that I was offered, even if it was CANTALOUPE. This week was the test, I couldn't avoid it. The lady prepared us dinner and pulled out the bowl. I could see that I was going to have a fight in my mouth. So I said a prayer and served 3 small pieces on my plate. As my fork and knife danced around the plate picking up the other food I finally had a prompting to add salt to my cantaloupe (because we all know that I LOVE salt.) With courage I added salt and took a bite ready to taste something dirty to my taste buds. I was surprised when I quickly picked up the last two pieces and enjoyed a flavor that I have never experienced. It wasn't bad! I could actually had a fruity taste! I was real excited. My taste buds have finally matured to eating cantaloupe. 

This goes along great with the gospel. I reflected on how if we want to do God's will then we must be willing to change and repent each day. As we have faith in Jesus Christ and repent then are we able to become who Heavenly Father wants us to become. It comes through time and experience. It doesn't come all at once. Our spirits are maturing at different rates. I love to see the changes that everyone around me continue to make. 

I love you all!
Have an awesome week!

Sister Cook
Picture 1: President Porter and Sister Porter have made a great impact on my life in this past year. They have left and I will be getting a new mission president this week. I am forever grateful for this couple. They are the GREATEST!
Picture 2: Us as a zone at the temple!

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