Monday, July 25, 2016

Questions anyone?

Hello my great Family and Friends!
What a week. What a week! Everyone that we were teaching magically vanished. Then I realized it is the beginning of Summer. I can't believe it is Summer time! Time flies so fast!
I love when people ask questions, I don't know if it is the teacher in me but it always gets me excited. Even with a guy the other day that was asking us questions and yelling at us at the same time. I walked away with a lot of questions of my own. I didn't let him get me down! The next day I became even more excited for scripture studies in the morning. I prayed inquiring to better understand certain principles of the gospel. Of course I didn't receive all the answers that I was looking for but through that time the Holy Ghost was able to clarify and teach me new things that strengthened my testimony in this gospel. Answers definitely come through time. I look forward to inquire and study more!
I think I am a broken record when I say this but I am so happy withEVERYONE that I have met on my mission. These past 11 months have been life changing! I am coming closer to know my Savior.
I love the area that I am in as I love every area that I have served in. I couldn't say one place is better than the other. Everyone has impacted my life for the better.
I love you all!  I invite you all to pray and study the scriptures to better understand Jesus Christs gospel. You will be enlightened by the Spirit! It is the greatest!
Sister Cook
Have a fun Summer!
Pic. 1: Yesterday, for Memorial Day we went to a park and chalked out the Plan of Salvation and talked with people. It was fun!
Pic 2: a little friend dropped on me as we were  meeting a new friend.
Pic 3: Walking shadows

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