Monday, August 24, 2015

Wow! What a fast week it has been! Nothing to crazy to report from this week. I can't believe that it is already Monday. Today is the 24th which means that this marks my 2nd month being out on a mission! CRAZY!  I love it out here. I love all the people and the lessons that I am constantly learning each day. As I submit myself to God's Will everyday I find myself growing and learning more and more. The days that I am stubborn and not willing to do that... Ha, well I bet you can imagine my kind of days. Yay, for learning!
Yesterday was Stake Conference and it was truly amazing! We had one of our investigators sitting right with us. Oh it was such a good meeting and all the messages that were shared. The Stake President gave great insight on 1 Nephi. He talked about how Lehi took his family across the wilderness on a journey to get to the promise land and  they all had trials and afflictions. It is apart of God's plan to have those trials in our life. As we grow and learn to rely on him during those times we are strengthened in Him. Nephi is a great example of how to endure through those trials. Laman and Lemuel have a harder time in understanding why they have to deal with their afflictions as they journey to the Promised Land. I guess it is all about perspective. It is how we look at things. We all have our free agency to decide on how to cope and deal with our everyday situations. Our end goal is to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and through our trials we can grow closer by living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everyday focus on faith, repentance, our baptismal covenant, listening to the Holy Gost, and enduring to the end.
Of course I can't speak with the same power as the speakers did yesterday. It was just so neat to be in a ward with so many converts and members that are not perfect (because unfortunately none of us are perfect yet) but that are trying everyday to be more Christ like.
Well it has been a quick and awesome week but I love you all so much! I hope that you are all enjoying life and the adventures that you are taking right now!! Good luck to everyone!
Thank you for the love and support!
Love Sister Cook
1.Beth got her call! She is going to California, Bakersfield!! YAY!!!!!! She is going to make such an awesome missionary. She is truly amazing and such a great example. She is always out with us and always helping us out in our crazy situations! I don't know what we will do when she leaves.
2. THIS MADE MY DAY! Lady bug is of course one of my many "bug" nicknames from growing up. I guess you could say it is my mini mascot. Anyways, during my scripture study in the morning this little ladybug decided to pop up. Weird but cool!

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