Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Hello Family and Friends!

Oh my goodness! What a week. Why are trials so great? I will tell you because they make us stronger! 

Yesterday, we went to a WONDERFUL ladies home where she fed us dinner and told us her life story. I was just in awe. With everything she has endured she can't stop smiling and laughing. We discussed about Gods love for all His children. We discussed about the beauty of forgiveness and how to be like Christ. I wish I could go into detail of our conversation but my words would seem short and I couldn't begin to reiterate the spirit within that conversation. 

If you get the time to study, I would suggest you all to study the Doctrine of Christ which can be found in the Articles of Faith #4. It will bless your life! I just love it. 

I love this gospel! I love being out here in the great little town of Greenville. 

Love you all!

Sister Cook

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  1. Hi Sister Cook. I enjoy reading your blog each week. You write well about your missionary experiences. Sounds like you are having fun as well as enjoying your missionary opportunities. Thank you for your honesty, dedication to teaching and being a great example to your companions and those you teach.
    Know that you are loved in Orem. Our love and best to you, Brother & Sister Parsons