Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Family and Friends,


The other day we were eating dinner with a family that we are teaching. They are so SWEET. I love them! For dessert they had a great surprise for us. (The reason this came about is because the time before my companion mentioned her favorite treat to them.) So it was time for dessert and the little girl gets a big smile and pulls out the vanilla bean ice cream and then runs to the fridge and pulls out the dill pickle spears! I about passed out. My companion gets over joyed and the little girl starts squealing with joy. Pickles and ice cream together. The mother and I had to motivate each other to take a bite. We decided that one bite was enough. Everyone else loved it! Even though the mother didn't like it, she was so sweet to make that dessert for  my companion. It was an eventful night to say the least!  We ended by teaching an awesome lesson on the Book of Mormon. 

For the rest of the week I was sick with the nasty flu! My sweet companion took good care of me. I am feeling a lot better. YAY! As I was stuck in bed I reflected on Alma the younger as he experienced a change of heart. I was thinking about how we always have something to repent of and change to turn more towards God. Through Christ we can always find that change for the better. 

I love this gospel.

I love the people here!


Have a wonderful week!

Sister Cook

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