Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Paper maps and JOY


Hello Family and Friends!

On Tuesday I sat in with all the other missionaries taking part of transfers during our transfer meeting. I was anxiously awaiting them to call my name. I was getting so NERVOUS! Where would I be going? Who is my new companion? The nerves got the best of me. I was shaking, hands all sweaty, and my thoughts were racing. 
Finally, they called my name, "In Greenville, Sister Cook will be training Sister King." 
AAA so many emotions. We got everything together, started driving away from the city and an hour later we came into the country. My new area is a cute little Branch that covers a lot of area! I have never been in a Branch before. 

My favorite is the church building. When we drove up to it, it shocked me at first. It is a humble little building with a huge steeple out on the front lawn (building too small to hold the steeple.) Walking in I feel like I am home. The spirit is strong and it looks the same but on a smaller scale.
The first few days we didn't have our GPS so a sweet member in the Branch gave us a paper map to use. Unfolding the map took up the whole dash board. I felt very savvy trying to navigate with it. 

The other night we had a great hour(s) of rejection. By the end of the night as we were leaving an area of some people we visited my cute companion said that we should go visit the door down the way. I asked her to start the conversation. She was hesitant and decided that we shouldn't go to the door. I smiled. I reassured her that I would be right there to back up the conversation. So we walked slowly to the door. She knocked on the door. A cute old lady opened the door and right after Sister King spoke the lady said, "I have been praying for you all day, come on in." 
What a beautiful miracle! 
I love in Ether 12:6 because it is after a trial of our faith do we witness the miracle. Our faith was increased and it continues to grow each day when we are thrown into the trials of life. 

I am so excited that it is Christmas. I love to reflect on our Savior, Jesus Christ. Yesterday, first Sunday here and we were asked to give a talk in Sacrament on Jesus Christ and Christmas.


Thank you for all your love and support! I hope you continue to find ways to strengthen your faith.

Here is my new address:

297 Driftwood Dr.
Greenville, OH


Sister Cook 


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