Thursday, December 3, 2015


Family and Friends!

The other day I was at a dinner and at the end of the meal we were saying our goodbyes when the youngest girl (4 years old) announced, "I can run faster than a cheetah!" and then she proceeded to show us by zooming around the dinner table really fast. 
She was screaming to make sure that we noticed her run like a cheetah. 
Seconds into her sprint, her older sister (6 years old) got excited by the noise and announced even louder than her sister, " I chase boys all day!" and then she proceeded to run in the opposite direction laughing really hard.

I couldn't stop laughing. They are such a cute and fun family to be around. 

At another home a boy, about 11 years old, looks at me and says, "You look really familiar" he ponders the thought for a second and then says, "Oh ya, you remind me of the guy on the corner with the afro."

I started to laugh because he reminded me of some of my 6th graders from last year...always saying something to get a laugh. It is not everyday I get that complement. 

Needless to say, this week has been a good week of laughter! My favorite talk is "Come What May and Love It" By Elder Wirthlin. 

Sister Clark and I have been laughing in all types of situations this week. 

I love the joy that comes from living this gospel.

I love seeing how the atonement changes lives for the better.


I am grateful for all of you for your love and support! 


Sister Cook

Picture: Sister Breeze got to spend a whole day with us! She is amazing!


Hello Family and Friends!

Well on Friday we had the great opportunity to have Elder Randell K. Bennett (Quorum of the Seventy) come and talk to us missionaries. The Spirit is the true teacher and the Spirit during that meeting was SO STRONG. I know that he is called of God. I would try to reiterate the things that were said but I don't have the eloquence to do so. All I can say is that God truly calls these men to lead and guide us in these latter days. That night Sister Clark and I witnessed beautiful miracles as we went out to serve. 
Then the next morning I woke up flat on my back....sick... with the nasty virus going around. Let me tell you, being sick on the mission is the worst thing that can happen. Just how a teacher doesn't want to get sick during the school year.  I didn't want to be sick...who does? Nevertheless, I had many wonderful and sweet mothers from the ward take care of me. These women are such a great example to me. I don't know what I did to deserve their tender love and care, but they were so good to me and Sister Clark (so don't worry Mom, I was in good care!)  I was quarantined for the day and then by the next morning I had all the energy in the world to get up and go.  

I am so glad that I am healthy again. Woo. God's work must go on.

Instead of "Fake it til you make it" my quote of the week is "Faith it 'til you make it!"

It all starts with having FAITH!

During my struggles and trials I have recognized that I need to continue to build my faith. With faith I am able to find ways to turn more towards God. 

'Tis the season of Thanksgiving remember that the more gratitude that you express towards God the more blessings you will receive!



Sister Cook

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