Monday, January 11, 2016

First day of snow!


Hello Family and Friends!

Would you believe it, Ohio is finally getting snow! There has been rumors going around that there is going to be a terrible blizzard this week. I guess we will see if the rumors are true or not by the end of this week. My cute companion is from Southern California, so yesterday was her first experience in the snow. 
When we woke up in the morning she looked outside and exclaimed, "Sister Cook! It's the blizzard!"
I quickly made my way to the door to see the wind blowing and the snow falling. I had to break it to her that, that was just snow falling for the first time! We had a good laugh about it. (Picture below of the "Blizzard").

This past week has been another great learning lesson. I am learning the great power in having faith. With the roller coaster week we have had of ups and downs my faith was put to the test. I was grateful because in the end we had a beautiful miracle! On Saturday afternoon we had an appointment with a guy out in the middle of no where. We hadn't met him yet. We didn't know what to expect from our visit. Well a sweet member drove us out there and when we pulled up to the house we all looked at each other. We were uncertain if we were at the right house. The member with us started to question if we should even approach the door. We sat there for a few minutes. Said a prayer and then proceeded to the door. As we knocked on the door a young lady answered the door. We went inside and started to talk with the family inside. THEY ARE THE GREATEST! Oh goodness. We fell in love with this family. OH my we are so excited to be teaching this cute family. Words can't describe how much I love this gospel and how I see it change lives for the better. I see that everyday out here. It takes faith to see the miracles. 

I love you ALL!!!! 

Keep being amazing!

Picture 1: First day in the snow! AKA the "Blizzard"


Hi Family and Friends!

I love you all!

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Have a wonderful, wonderful week. 

I am so grateful to be out here on a mission because I am seeing the world through Heavenly Father's eyes. He has unconditional love for everyone. HE LOVES YOU. 

Something that I am trying to repent of and be better at this week is saying more sincere prayers to Heavenly Father. I recognize that when I am sincere in heart and truly ask with real intent then I receive answers. Sometimes when I don't receive an answer quickly, I then learn the great principle of patience. I love the Holy Ghost because he comforts us as we wait for those answers. 

I love you so much,

Sister Cook 

Picture 1: Family

Picture 2: UDF is the greatest! It is a milkshake/ gas station business. Sun, rain or (future) snow, milk shakes are always a great choice.



Hello Family and Friends!

Where do I begin? Well, I first want to say I LOVE YOU ALL! I am just so grateful to have you all apart of my life. Thanks for being awesome. 

I loved going around this week, with it being Christmas and all, because we got to share with many people the message of Christ. Why we celebrate Christmas. The more I study about the Savior and continue to build that relationship him, I continue marvel  all that he has done for us. He is our mediator, it is through him that we are able to return and live with God. 
Ah!  I just love this gospel. 

This past week was another great adventure. One day in particular, I was reminded that I am not in Utah. We were at a home with a member who just was baptized. We were teaching her son when all of a sudden our phones went off alerting us of a tornado warning. She was checking the news as we could prepare for our next step. (Side note:My first experience of a tornado warning, that is why you are getting this story.) I was informed that these tornado warnings occur more around the month of August or so. Just a city away was the tornado, so we sat and waited. When the debris hit the house we ran for the bathroom. Into the bathroom I ran with Sister Matthews (on exchanges that day), mother, her little son and her older son, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. Sister Matthews had hold of one of their cats which is a Manecoon cat, it's a fat cat. As we sat there the cat got anxious so I took it from Sister Matthews and the cat proceeded to crawl up around my back and perched on my shoulders. I was thus weighed down to put my hands on my knees. Anyone who then tried to touch the cat would have been under attack (about 10 minutes later the cat calmed down and climbed off.) Sitting in the bathroom, I was so impressed by the older son who earlier expressed his fears of religion. He offered a prayer to God for our safety. It was a beautiful, humble prayer. For 45 minutes we waited patiently for the storm to pass. 

Well, I made it through my first tornado warning and now I will be more (mentally) prepared for my next one! I reflected on how we have personal storms in our life each day. As we prepare our self by praying, reading the scriptures and attending church weekly then we can have protection from our trials. We can't pray for our trials to be just taken away but we can pray to have strength during them and be prepared for when they come. 
I know that the Savior has suffered for all our pains and afflictions that we feel. We can have those feelings be released and freed from us as we learn of him and of his atonement. I know that it is personal choice for if we choose to or not. 

I invite you to pray!

I sure love you all



Sister Cook

Picture: Where the Sidewalk ends. I feel it is rare when I come across a sidewalk then when I do, it ends too soon!

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