Monday, November 2, 2015


Hello Family and Friends,

Well I survived Halloween. They had us go in early so that people wouldn't mistake us as trick-or-treaters. Wouldn't want to give anyone the wrong idea!

My heart has been pulled at this week. It has been stretched to new degrees. On Friday, I shook hands, for the last time, with an older man that we have been teaching for the past couple of months. He moved out of Ohio the following morning for his work. This man has a brilliant mind. Let me simplify how brilliant he is by saying that he has two PhD's in something with science. Okay, okay I know you don't have to have a degree to be known as "brilliant" but that is my quick way of painting a picture of him for you. Because of his culture, he had no Christian background. He came with the desire to know for himself.
This man changed my life! 
The first or second time he met with us he told  us, "You have something I want. I jealous of what you have."
We were able to act as guides and help this father discover God for himself. Through the Holy Ghost we were able to teach him the things that he needs to know at this time in his life. I wish I could be more eloquent in my writing and explain the transformation that occurred within this man. My soul rejoices every single time I think about it. It is because of his desire that he was able to learn for himself and to have his own spiritual experiences (Don't be fooled and think this was a simple process, it has been a hard journey.) 

Goodbyes are hard. I think of a talk from President Uchtdorf when he said something to the fact that our spirits are not meant to say goodbye because our spirits are eternal (I think...Someone correct me if I am wrong.) I told this man that I would see him again. I am so excited for his future and the journey he is taking with God. 

Something that I love about being a missionary is that I am not forcing any principle or belief on anyone. We are simply inviting people to come learn and discover for themselves. God gave a great gift and that is free agency; we get to choose our thoughts and actions for ourselves.  

I love this gospel and the joy that it truly brings and the blessings that are in store for us all as we continue to learn of what those are. We should never stop learning. 

I love you all

Thank you for you love and support. 

Sister Cook

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