Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The other night as I was sleeping I had a very loud dream. I was standing next to a fire truck that had its siren going off. Next to this fire truck I had people gathered around and I was teaching them about the gospel with my scriptures in hand. Then the dream started to melt away and the siren was still loud and piercing to my ears. I slowly peered through my eyes into my dark room and only heard the alarm. I closed my eyes and the firetruck reappeared in my head. I was so tired that I couldn't tell what was reality. I then re opened my eyes again and this time I was more coharent. I noticed that the alarm sound was not in my dream.
"Are you awake, Sister Cook?" Sister Witherspoon asked in a quick tone.
"Ya...."I grumbled
"Do you hear that alarm?" She asked. 
It finally hit me. I bolted out of bed and ran towards the front of the apartment to see where the sound was coming from. Outside our apartment door is a white mega phone that alarms the tenants in our hallway. We grabbed the cell phone and ran outside to see what was going on. No one was outside. It was 2:45 AM and everything seemed normal around us besides that blaring alarm! No one was awake!  We were so confused on why no one else was up and why the alarm was going off. Could they not hear it? We didn't know what the alarm was for. We called the maintaince and the staff but got no answer. We then called the cops to have them come check it out. When they got there they checked everything out and asked why everyone was still sleeping. They informed us if it was a real fire we would have been the only ones safe at that moment. I first felt silly standing out there but talking with the cops I know we did the right thing. They were nice and understanding. I think the alarm had a malfunction in it. They got it fixed for us and we were able to go to bed. It was crazy! The next day I had so much energy.
Later that day I was thinking a lot about that alarm and that situation we were in. As we were teaching a lesson to a guy, that we have been meeting with for the past 3 weeks, he told us that we could be no service to him. He doesn't want a relationship with God because he doesn't want to pray to know for himself. We lovingly but boldly told him about how there is a Heavenly Father that loves him and wants to hear from him. No matter what we taught he was set in his ways. I loved working with him and it broke my heart that he didn't have that desire to know for himself. I was thinking how we are preparing to meet God on this earth and we go around teaching people and to prepare them. We are sounding the alarm to all those that want to hear. Not everyone is waking up to the alarm though. Either because they don't hear it or because they don't think it is important to wake up to. 
I love the people out here. Everyone is so good and amazing!
I love you all SO MUCH!
I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true and can bring blessings to all that want to hear and learn for themselves. 
Have a spectacular Week!
Love Sister Cook

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