Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It is raining SPIDERS! Above the door of our apartment we have so many different kinds of spiders. I would take a picture but it comes out blurry...but it is crazy! The other day we were walking out of the apartment and a big black blurry thing whacked me in the face. I swatted it away thinking it was  some type of flying bug...but no I looked on the ground and saw a HUGE brown spider....Yep I would have freaked out but I am now used to these creatures. I picked him up from his web and took him to a far away bush. My companion thought that I was crazy for not killing it. I learned from my mom that if it is not dangerous then it doesn't need to be killed (well I finally learned that lesson on my mission...I wasn't the best at that back home. You're welcome mom! I am finally following your teachings. Haha.) Now when we walk into the apartment we are always looking up to see which spider is closer to dropping on us. 
This past week has been another great week of learning! I have learned so much of our Savior's love. I love to do my scripture study in the morning because it gives me that extra strength to get through the day. I have been focusing a lot on Faith lately. I love the book of Ether because the brother of Jared is such a great example of that. Especially in chapter 12. Faith is so important to have because it gives us that hope to endure the day and to become better (and so much more that I will not expound on right now.) I didn't feel like my faith was strong the other day and so I was upset with everything. As I studied and prayed about it I was able to find answers in giving me that extra strength. I was able to apply Christ's atonement to make things better. I am so grateful for this gospel. I truly love serving a mission. I love being here and with the people. OH THE PEOPLE. I just love them. Apparently I am in a hard area...but I don't see it that way. I am just so grateful to be here. God has provided me the means to be here.
I love you all SO MUCH! Thank you again for all of your support and love! 
Have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Cook

Picture 1: For an activity with the Zone we drew the Plan of Salvation, Restoration, and Gospel of Jesus Christ on the sidewalk. We talked with people that walked by. IT WAS AWESOME! I am a visual learner so it is easier to teach with pictures! Loved this day.
Picture 2: Here is a picture of the sisters in my zone! (I don't have the picture of the whole zone yet...but they are all FANTASTIC!) I love this zone.

Picture 1:
With Sister Call and Sister Nicol for exchanges! I love these girls. It was an awesome day to say the least! 
Picture 2: We were walking a long the street and I came across this house...I just felt inspired to take a picture it front of it...I can't imagine why I felt so inclined. 
(I wish I could upload all photos to one email...but it only allows 2 at a time...sorry for the explosion of emails! Love you!)

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