Saturday, July 4, 2015


hey y'all!!!


disclaimer: the left shift key that my brain is trained to use without thinking is broken!!! so the inner teacher in me is getting really upset with all of this bad punctuation. i have so much to do in this hour that i don't have time to worry about capitalizing my words correctly. so forgive me. 

ok i didn't know that i was going to be able to get on the computer before i fly out on monday...but SURPRISE!! i get to. so this is a surprise to you and me. i have not much to say so i will just post one picture....because this computer is being so......i can't say right now. ask me in 18 months. 

i seriously love my district!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have only been with them for 11 days? anyways, they are my family. i am so sad to say good by to half of them. 

i am so excited to go to ohio!!!!!!!!!!! my heart is overwhelmed with love from everyone! i can't wait to bring others closer to Christ and witness the beauty of Gods plan. monday morning is the day! i have learned so much here. i am glad that i am here for only a short time...because i am anxious to get in the field! woooo!

i love you! God loves you! 

sister cook

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