Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lovin' My Indiana Corn Fields


Hello Family and Friends!

I am back in Indiana where the corn fields are chopped down. 

Sister Feil is my new companion! She is so fun and we have had a lot of good laughs this week. 

I am in my 6th area and I have a tiny understanding of how Heavenly Father loves ALL His children, because I just love Muncie. I have loved ALL my areas and ALL the people that I have met so far. I know I probably sound "plastic" that I keep loving everyone, but I can't explain it, my love is so full right now!

The other night we met with the Activity Day girls and had a lesson with them on how to develop their talents. At the end of the lesson one of the girls had a great talent in tricking me to give her extra candy. I would think that after this long of teaching I would not fall into those tricky traps. I couldn't resist. I am human. 

We are teaching a lot of great people out here!

After church we went to go visit a guy and we drove past this road. It only seemed appropriate to stop. This is one of my favorite books in the Book of Mormon.  


Have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Cook

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