Thursday, October 6, 2016


Hello Family and Friends!

I don't have much time today, but I just wanted to let you all know that I LOVE YOU! Go make it a GREAT WEEK!

If you didn't get the opportunity to listen to General Conference then you should follow the link below!

So many great messages from messengers of God.


We were sitting at the park the other week, eating lunch, when I saw a storm roll in behind Sister Tobler. While she looked my way and saw only bright skies. 

Remember, in life we all have "storms" that roll into our life and it is through our Savior Jesus Christ that we can find relief. Lean on him through everything and to find JOY in the journey! 

I love you all,

Sister Cook


Hello Family and Friends!

The weather is taking it's sweet time out here; I still think it's summer with how hot it gets. The other day I acknowledged the calendar and it happens to be the end of September and I am in shock! I am in the same area as last Fall so I look forward to ALL the trees that create an ocean of green around me to change into a sea of red, orange, and yellow. 

The other day we were having our first official "Introduction to the Book of Mormon" class. Since we just started it up and we were not sure on all the fine details, our turn out was one guy who we met in the park the day before. YAY! We were unable to go into the church alone with the guy. Contemplating on what to do, we then started to share with him the Restoration. He sat in his drivers seat and we stood outside his car, it was like a drive-thru. Half way through the lesson a couple from our ward drives around, they roll down the window to say hi, they talk to my companion for a second and then they drive off. I was thinking to myself, "what are the odds of someone driving through the church parking lot at this time?" Not a minute passes and the car rolls around again, the wife steps out of the car and invites herself to join us in the lesson. Hallelujah! What a miracle, we were then able to go into the church with our member and finish the lesson with the guy and show him around the church.  

For anyone that missed out on hearing the General Women's Session for General Conference here is the link. It was so GREAT! Back home I would just plug my phone into the car and listen to Conference talks, so if you are driving around you might just consider that idea. 

I sure love you all!!

Sister Cook

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