Thursday, March 31, 2016

Oh, Maple syrup


Hello Family and Friends!

It has been awhile since you have heard from me! All is well in Greenville. My companion is feeling well. We are out and about serving, experiencing miracles, and sharing the greatest news of the restored gospel! 

The other day we were out teaching at a home of a family that lives way off the road in the thicket of trees. They are the greatest and so sweet. They wanted to show us how they made maple syrup. We trucked through the mud 'til we came to a shack. Inside, was a large metal vat boiling the sap which turned into maple syrup.  This family works really hard to keep their product going. I was so impressed with how much they have to do. After all their hard work their product is sweet, delicious, and REAL. YUM. Well, I got too excited over the whole thing and stood too close to the big metal bin that was boiling the sap. Even with the mother warning me to not stand close, I must have thought my distance was sufficient enough from the boiler. Seconds later the mother screamed as she saw my coat burn. I looked down and started to laugh. The kids started to laugh. I didn't know what else to do because this sweet, sweet lady was  feeling so bad. Thankfully it was just my coat that got the damage from the heat. My body was safe. After all the shock and the laughter I have since then been able to reflect on the experience. 
I first was reflecting on how we are given commandments to keep us safe. They are not given to restrict us or to keep us from having fun. Even if we don't understand a commandment(s) right now the consequence will follow no matter what, good or bad. John 14:15,21.The sweet mother warned me and yet I still stood to close! Don't try to justify a commandment. Live it to your best ability!
My second thought was on faith. James 2:17-18. Faith without works is dead. We show our faith by the works that we do. This family works all day for their scrumptious maple syrup. They don't just leave it unattended and hope that it will become something sweet and YUMMY! They have to go out and spend time with it all day. From this I have reflected on my faith. Am I working all day on ways to increase my faith in  Jesus Christ? Do I constantly have a prayer in my heart? Am I repenting daily? Do I live my baptismal covenants? So many thoughts roll through my head.
It was a great day to experience a great life lesson. 

I love you all so much! 


Sister Cook

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