Thursday, March 31, 2016

Goodbye Ohio, Hello Indiana

Hello Family and Friends!
Wow! What a new adventurous week. I have been called to serve in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area with the Sister Training Leaders, Sister Bealer and Sister Mickelsen! These two are so great! It has only been a week and I am in LOVE with Fort Wayne.
Something that has been so neat to reflect on is how things come over time. Let me tell you all, for the past couple years I have had a burning desire to learn Spanish. So little bit by little bit I have been learning some words (My vocabulary  is very small). Before the mission I tried to learn and out on the mission God put some great people in my life to help me (Gracias! To those that helped me). I know you all are wondering why am I talking about Spanish when I am serving in my native language. The BEST thing has happened! I came to Fort Wayne this week and found out we are teaching a woman that speaks Spanish! Of course we have translators there with us during the lesson, but I now get to try out my Spanish! I am so grateful to God. My process in learning has been slow as molasses but I wouldn't be able to do it any other way. I am taking these small baby steps.
I was thinking about how this relates to all of us learning  the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It comes through time. It takes a desire to learn, studies, and then practice by living it!
I really enjoyed the Women's Conference on Saturday night. The message that really stuck out to me the whole time was not to judge others but to serve others. It was such a great reminder of how we need to follow the example of Jesus Christ. Here is the link if anyone missed out!

I love you all so much!
Sister Cook

Picture: Meet my TWO new companions! (Left: Sister Bealer Right: Sister Mickelsen)

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