Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hello Family and Friends!
Where do I begin! This week has been another ADVENTURE! This week as we were driving down to a leadership meeting, our car had some issues so we pulled to the side of the road. There were 5 of us sisters in the car so we all got out trying to resolve the issue by checking the oil. A man stopped to help us when he saw 5 girls in skirts examining a car hood that wasn't popped (it took us a minute to figure out how to pop the hood.) He explained he wouldn't want his daughters  to be stranded on the road. We were guided to the next gas station and got everything taken care of. We were so grateful for his help.
It made me think about how life is like a car ride. We are all on a car ride back to our loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Along the way we encounter many different experiences. Sometimes the ride is beautiful and enjoyable. The scenery is just right, the music in the car keeps us going and the people in the car are great to laugh and talk with.  Other times there might be a lot of loud distractions from the other people in the car. Irritation rises because of the traffic. Sometimes the car is not taken care of and breaks down on the side of the road. However, someone is there to tow us to safety and to get the car running again. In life, we have these experiences. Life is joyful where we get to love and laugh with our loved ones. We get to rejoice over experiences that build our confidence. Other times we get over stressed with life and the everyday tasks that bog us down begin to break us down. Thankfully we are not alone. Heavenly Father loves us  so much that he puts other people in our life to help us out. People to uplift and to inspire us.
This weekend was General Conference. A time to hear from our Prophet, Apostles, and leaders of the church. Prophet Thomas S. Monson has the Priesthood Keys to lead and guide us back to our loving Heavenly Father under the direction of Jesus Christ. The messages that were given this weekend were uplifting and great counsel to direct us all on our car ride home. 

I am so grateful for the people that God has placed in my life so far. I have been broken on the side of the road plenty of times and yet over and over again God sends someone to the rescue.
I love it here in Indiana! I love the people! I am so grateful to be here.
I love you all so much!
Have a wonderful week!

Sister Cook

For those that didn't get the opportunity to hear Conference here is the link below:
(The print is not available yet, but just listen to them while you work.)


Pic 2: The snow is real in April.

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