Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Hello Family and Friends!

This week we decided to shake things up a bit and do a lemonade stand to talk with people. FREE lemonade! Who could say no? Ok, don't answer that question. It was a delight to say the least. We waved and smiled at a lot of people, talked to others, and passed out cards. My favorite was a van that pulled up. I grabbed two cups of lemonade, walked up to their car and started to talk to them. After exchanging some words of getting to know them
I asked, "Would you like a picture of Jesus to take with you?" 
the driver responded, "No, I'm Christian."
 I giggled, "Me too!"

I then proceeded to tell them what church we were from and all of that. Nothing came from it but I did get a good laugh from it and they were very nice! That is what I love about Ohio. Everyone is respectful towards each other. 

One of the greatest things that I love to witness everyday is to see a persons faith increase. As we work and teach people to come unto Christ, the light within them strengthens. I love helping these people of Mason to come and learn of God's gospel and how it has been restored on the Earth again. This week as we faced rejection over and over again, I started to get down on myself and had a hard time. However, after much prayer I came to recognize that there is opposition in all things and it was my choice on what I wanted to focus on. I thought, "wait, I have been facing rejection for the past 3 months! Why am I being so hard on myself this week?" I then took a step back and recognized all the blessings from the week. There are people that are ready to take that next step towards their Heavenly Father. Changing perspective and focusing on blessings makes life a lot more peaceful. There is opposition in everything. It just depends on if we want to dwell on the negative and trials in our life. I have learned that I need to continue to move forward in faith. 

I invite you to find something this week to find the good in. It will bless your life. I promise. 

Love you all,

Sister Cook

Picture 1: At one of our New Member's home (She is someone that I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!)  Her fat cat decided to finally grace me with his presence. The gray one is the son and the tiny black one is the mommy cat!...the cats are not photogenic...it was impossible to get a good snap.

Picture 2: There we are at our cute lemonade stand, spreading the gospel!

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